As you should guess the whaleboat was a famous boat used to catch whales, this boat was created approximately in 1620 with the purpose of catching whales.
Its structure could be described in the next way: is a very narrow boat since the beginning until the end of the boat. These boats were propelled by oars. Nowadays this structure have not changed too much, the new Whaleboats have been equipment with a centerboard to make easier the navigation.

Its unique structure has been designed to have an easy maneuverability and very efficient in shallow water. This boat is able to move forwards or backwards with any problem.

These boats have participated in several wars and conflicts, the most remembered wars are: The independent war of United States, the French & Indian war and other, these wars around 1770. Whaleboats were used to transport equipment and crew.

Many people the Whaleboat as a fishing boats, nowadays these boats are used to simple tasks, near to the coast are used to rescue people, fishing and relax. Many people enjoy spending time in these boats. These boats are used too for works near beaches and in the surf zone.

As we mentioned the structure of this boat is very simple, nowadays are very small with a double ended design that permits an easy transport, many of them have a detachable sailing that is used when there are the perfect weather conditions.

In the museums there are several of the first models, the structure was very different in contrast to the new models that are more sophisticated.