Yacht is a type of recreation boat that has modern advantages. Its structure is very comfortable its name comes from the Holland world that means catch. At the beginning was used by the Holland army to catch pirates.

Nowadays are considered the most modern and beautiful devices in the water, with several advantages such as: its modern design, its high maneuverability, and other, for these reasons we could say that the yacht is the most rewarding and interesting boat in the water.

Its average length is approximately 18 meters (55 feet), the highest yacht could be 30 meters (98 feet) or maybe more. There different models the most common are: Cruising yachts, Weekender yachts, sailing yachts, Luxury yachts and racing yachts.

As we mentioned the yacht is a recreating boat, in the next list we will describe the most common types of boats.

  • Cruising yachts: These yachts are the biggest of the list, have as much comforts as you could imagine. The most expensive and beautiful tour packages are offered from different companies in the entire world.
  • Weekender yachts: The most are a little shorter than the cruiser yachts bur provide many comforts,
  • Sailing yachts: Are used when the weather condition allow, It has a diesel motor that could be used for an hour.
  • Luxury yachts: Nowadays these yachts are the most modern with more comforts than the cruising yachts.
  • Racing yachts: These boat have been designed for racing championships, there are different models, There are several clubs of racing yachts