Yawl is type of boat that is the preferred by many people. Its structure consist in two masted that help to have a better navigation and one additional masted to have an easy maneuverability.

At the beginning the Yawl was used for commercial and industrial purpose and its main economical activity was the fishing. Its good performance and the fact that the yawl was the easiest way of transport helped the traders to have important gains.

Nowadays the Yawl is not as used as in the past, the new technologies and the modern boats in the fishing industry have produced the debacle of these sailboats, however there are many artisanal fishers that use these types of boats.

Yawl boat

A very similar boat is the ketch, this boat consist in two masted but do not have the other one, if two talk the advantages the Yawl have better balance. Both were used for fishing activities.

This boat as the majority of the boat was created in Holland is considered a little boat. With the past of the year the yawl has become in an obsolete device. The diesel motors in the new boats offer better advantages.

The most common type of boat was called the Salcombe Yawl, this boat was used for fishing activities, and its first design was made in Devon at the beginning this boat was used for single-handed sailors.
Instead of the current situation of this boat in United States, Canada and many countries in Europe, there are several Yawl Clubs, everyone to keep the history and traditions of this boat.