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New to boating?

Learn about getting started in boating!


Whether you require a transport service for a small boat transport or a complicated luxury yacht delivery or relocation, thoroughly researching several companies can save you money and provide you with peace of mind.

It is also a good idea to check the references of all of these companies and even ask their past customers if possible how their experience with the company was. Prepare your embarcation for transport as well, making sure everything inside your boat is tied down or stored away.


Boat insurance provides physical damage coverage to repair your embarcation if it's accidentally damaged or destroyed by a covered peril.

Plus, inland waterways and marinas won't let you dock your ship there if you do not have insurance. The insurance will protect you if there is ever an accident for the damage to your embarcation, plus the damage it might cause to boats around it.

Top reasons

Learn how boating can help you spend more time with friends and family, relax and connect with nature.

You can also choose to go out in your boat whenever you want and your loved ones want.


Uncover the exciting world of activities. Learn which of the boat types is right for fishing, connecting with friends and family, skiing and much more!

Depending on your interests and the type of boat for sale you want, there are a variety of activities you can do including water sports, fishing and sailing.

Buy safety

Learn safety-basics like: what to look for before you buy, the safest ways to pay, and how to avoid common risky mistakes.

Know the differences between buying a new and a used boat. If buying used, you have to look into the embarcation history as much as possible to make sure it is sound and safe for you and your family.

Already a Boater?



If you already enjoy boating, our helpful tips will make your time on the water a safe and fun adventure.

Learn to never go out alone, and let someone know where you plan on going and when you plan on returning. Make sure before going out equipped with the proper personal flotation devices and learn what to do in an emergency.



View a list of the best magazines available. You will be able to find something that fits you and your interests, no matter what you like to use your boat for.

Types of embarcations

Types of Boats for sale

Because there are so many types and styles of boats for sale to choose from, deciding which ship is right for you and your family may be the hardest part of your new experience.

Decide first what you want to do; this will make a confusing decision much simpler, as there are different types of boats for sale for different activities.

The cost

The cost of owning a boat

There are many different ways to save money when owning a boat. Ship sharing is one great option. Whether you're simply sharing with a friend or family member or joining a club where you part lease a boat, there are a few good ways to save money.

You will also need to consider normal factors of owning such as the oil and gas to operate it, the title, registration and insurance, maintenance, safety measures, and winter storage.