Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is probably one of the most popular adventure watersports in the world and currently a major recreational activity worldwide. It is consider for most people a totally cool sport. This watersport consist of swimming underwater for a long period of time. People can experience several joys such as the often beautiful sights of the underwater world, the relative quiet, and the feeling of weightlessness by practicing this sport. Each dive is an unforgettable trip that leaves divers with great appreciation for the aquatic environment. It is important to count with all the adequate gear that divers need to be able to explore the underwater world and still be able to breathe.

This water sportdates from 1943 and it is one of the newest watersports. Jacques-Yves Cousteau who was an inventor, explorer and filmmaker, and Emile Gagman invented the first underwater breathing device or scuba. They called this accessory the aqualung. This device consisted of one to three metal cylinders containing compressed air, a specially designed air valve, and a mouthpiece connected to thecylinder by two flexible tubes. It changed our view of the oceans and created the popular sport of scuba diving.Modern scuba devices diver, with reliable equipment readily available, often takes his regulator and air tank for granted. It provides easy breathing.

The equipment of diving allows divers to breathe underwater like they would on land. The gear is also designed to allow them to move and to see underwater. The gear to practice this watersport should be resistant to seawater, be light, and exhibit high strength. Some of the equipment that people need to dive is a good dive mask,boots, swim find, snorkel and snorkel holder, dive knife, dive gloves, buoyancy compensator, and aluminum scuba tanks. The gear for diving is usually expensive. If you just practice diving for fun, you can rent the adequate gear at any watersport store.

This watersport requires training, planning, study and an ever mindful eye on safety. There are currently several diving schools that offer courses to learn how to swim underwater and provide you the enough knowledge to survive. These courses run in many centers; they are designed to give beginners an introduction to this sport. Most courses don't include the adequate gear to practice it, but one can rent the equipment around diving centers. A diving course is not very expensive and there are several options to choose.

Most people practice scuba diving because of its benefits such as:

  • It helps to develop and maintain muscular toning.
  • It allows marine scientists to explore the underwater frontier.
  • Relaxing underwater.
  • Be free of stress.
  • It is a healthy sport.
  • It allows people with disabilities the chance to leave their disability behind.
  • Learning more about the underwater world.
  • It allows scientists to find new marine species.
  • It allows people to break the bonds of land and experience the weightlessness of submarine living.
  • It allows you to dive and converse with other divers that share a common interest.
  • It helps marine biologists to study shallow water communities.
  • It allows any moderately able swimmer to stay underwater for up- to more than an hour.

Dive Boats

Expert divers consider essential to count with a well-equipped diving boat. This watercraft is used to transport and return divers from one place to other; they are almost indispensable to reach the best diving places.Divers usually use for diving purposes boatsthat range from skiffs to tugs and yachts, in fact, any boat that will hold a diver and his/her gear can be used to dive. Scuba divers can work from any size or type of boat because their diving gear is comparativelycompact and totally portable; however, the shallow water and deep sea diver must work from boats that are large enough to hold the required air tanks to dive.

Divers can use a double-hulled or triple-hulled small boat. This kind of boat is excellent for diving. It is not necessary to purchase a diving boat as part of the required gear to dive. There are several places to rent an adequate diving boat. It is advisable to use a diving boat that has a wide, spacious cockpit with lots of deck space to hold the huge clutter of diving gear. They also are required to have a radio, lifejackets, flag, oxygen and medical kit. If you include the right scuba diving boat to your diving gear, it is sure that you will have a wonderful diving experience and you will also ready to face any kind of problem.