Wakeboard is a popular watersport in the United States; it is also one of the most exciting radical extreme sports. It is a mix of surfing, waterskiing and snowboarding. It consists of riding wakeboards behind a power boat while shod with no skis, one ski or two skis. Wakeboarders ride along the wake the boat creates like surfers on a wave. They perform ticks of snowboarding such as grabs, flips, rolls, spins and grinds. Wakeboarders are safe since wakeboards have bindings, so their feet do not slip off. They usually use the wake of the boat as a ramp to fly through the air. It is one of the fastest-growing watersport around the world.

Wakeboard grew out of a sport called skurfing, which was popular in the 1980s, so the first wakeboarders were surfers. They wanted to create a sport that allows them to surf when they could not go to oceans. They solved the problem to create waves by using a power boat to pull them through the water. These surfers used their surfboard to stand on the water and added bindings to hold their feet on the board and have a better control, so this way they can surf on the wakes. This became the famous water sport of wakeboarding.

Wakeboards count with a special equipment to perform this extreme sport. The equipment list for wakeboarding is fairly short. All you wakeboarders need, besides a boat, of course, is a board, bindings for your feet, a towline with a handle, and a life preserver.

  • Wakeboards: They are made of carbon graphite or honeycomb; they are the same materials of water skis. Average wakeboards are between 35 and 45 centimeters wide and about 138 and 148 centimeters long. They usually weigh between five and eight pounds. Wakeboards must be symmetrical to allow wakeboarders to perform the most wonderful tricks on the water and land in the opposite directions then the one on which they began. Manufactures currently produce lighter material to build boards easier to edge and turn in the air.They come in outrageous designs and wide variety of totally and extreme cool colors.
  • Bindings: They are the straps that hold wakeboarderson the board. They are their direct connections to their boards, so wakeboarders must be sure to get a pair that fits their boots well. They look like boots or shoes. They are critical to give individuals optimal alignment on their boards. If they are the optimally aligned from their feet, they will minimize the effort they need to control and balance their movements on the wakeboards. They are usually made of foam or rubber. Manufactures produce special bindings that help wakeboarders to attach their feet to the board. They are more expensive then universal or standard bindings.
  • Personal floatation devices or PFDs: They are the most important accessories for wakeboarders. They are vest that people must wear to stay afloat in the water. PFDs are lightweight and come in a wide variety of styles. Manufactures made them of stretchy materials that allows a maximum flexibility and provides a snug fit.
  • Tow rope: It is an essential accessory. If wakeboarders would not have one, they could not practice wakeboarding. It is attached to the boat to allow people to ride on the water. Manufactures made it of materials that do not stretch easily. Its size is usually between 18 and 21 meters in length. If the materials were too stretchy, the tow rope could cause wakeboarders to be yanked forward or spring backward when the wakeboarding boat begins moving very quickly.
  • Handles: They come in several different models. They are placed in the beginning of the tow rope. One must hold it firmly to start wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding Boats

Wakeboarders should use a powerful wakeboarding boat to practice this sport. It must throw a really big wake. It does not mean that they have to get a specially designed boat that professional wakeboarders use for wakeboarding competitions. A wakeboarder just makes sure to use a boat that can pull him/her out of the water and manage a speed of 22 miles per hour. People can wakeboard behind runabouts, fishing boats, skiffs and even personal vessels. A wakeboarding boat needs a minimum power of 50 to 100 horsepower to pull an adult.

It is important to select a wakeboarding that is built with durable and high-quality materials. One should always read the warranties and learn about maintenance. A custom boat can be very expensive, but an amateur wakeboarder do not need to buy one. One can find currently several places to rent a wakeboarding boat for a day.